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We're 3C

3C partners with healthcare organizations across the care continuum to drive care coordination. 

Healthcare as it should be… Clinical Command Center

Anupam Das

With more than 15 years of management leadership experience across infrastructure, cloud and cybersecurity in the Healthcare industry, Anupam brings a wealth of experience to 3C. He is responsible for development and the consistent execution of 3C’s operations and sales strategies. ​​

Bear Simerson

A true advocate with a strong passion for patient care and engagement. Bear brings and fresh and edgy perspective to healthcare with his marketing and design experience. He is responsible for 3C's brand vision and go-to-market strategy.​​

Nilesh Patkar

Keeping 3C on forefront of innovation, Nilesh brings with him a treasure of domain expertise, solution engineering and advisory services to deliver world-class experiences for our customers and clients.​

Dr. Zach Tebb

As physician himself, Dr. Zach Tebb is uniquely positioned to best understand and solve the challenges of the American healthcare crisis. Dr. Zach is the Medical Director at Mercy and a partner at Vituity, formerly known as CEP America.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a thriving ecosystem that delivers accessible, high-quality, and sustainable healthcare for all. A vision to make care accessible to those most in need by building technology that scales.

Our Story

Today’s fragmented healthcare system is neither benefitting providers nor patients. It is impossible to bring in real change without real-time collaboration between healthcare organizations across the care continuum.

We were all individually effected by this fragmented system and witnessed other friends and family being effected as well. So we decided to stop complaining about the problem and try to become apart of the solution. 3C was born.

Why The Name Clinical Command Center?

3C stands for “Clinical Command Center” which breaks the silos of today’s fragmented healthcare systems and invades the data colonization to usher in real change in healthcare delivery. 3C’s mission is to provide health care providers and payers with innovative solutions that address current care coordination challenges and deliver sustainable and lasting improvement for community health. 3C would lead to quality healthcare that is both life giving and life preserving. The new company name/logo has therefore been chosen because it is unique in our market and aims to portray innovation, agility and transformation in care transition. Let’s bring back the smile in the face of the patient.