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Chronic Care Management

Care Coordination 

Chronic Care Management

3C’s AI-Driven chronic care management navigates patients around health risks while using the data to predict future new ones. 


Right Care To The Right Person At The Right Time

Just as fire creates momentum in everything in nature, 3C’s case management platform stimulates and unites the broken processes in chronic care management and delivers the right care at the right time to the right person. 3C’s care pathway algorithms align with that of the Triple Aim Model:

Care Coordination

From referrals to claims processing, 3C tracks EVERY step in your care journey to completion and alerts the care team if any bottlenecks arise.

Clinical Pathways

Over 103 AI-driven clinical pathways allow you to connect, engage, educate, guide, monitor and intervene with your patinets in real-time.


Bill Medicare with ease at the end of the month for the patients with 20+ minutes of CCM time. 3C can create the reports for your billing team or simply submit the claims on your behalf. ​

Patient Consent & Enrollment​

Automated consent forms and patient agreement templates allow for quick and easy enrollment.​

Care Plan Assessments ​

One of the most important CCM requirements is the patient centered care plan. 3C's guided-interview automates the patient care plan with ease. ​

Monthly CCM Time Tracking​

Log the 20, 40, or 60 minutes and conduct monthly updates. Plus, upload CCM summaries seamless within your EHR.​

Social Determinants Of Health​​

Keep populations on the right path with much less manual effort. Patient interventions and escalations can be automatically engaged with 3C's AI-driven clinical pathways. ​


The definition of a patient is “able to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.” We are not patients, we are people – “human beings”. The more complicated the healthcare system becomes, the further we push the patient away. 3C was designed specifically to empower people with a tool that allows them to easily control, track, understand and engage in their coordination of care and in the care of their loved ones. 

"What fire does not destroy, it hardens"

- Leonardo da Vinci

Patient engagement is crucial for empowering each patient in making decisions about their health care options. Care providers can work more effectively with patients when they have a tool in place to boost patient engagement. However, unless that tool is universally integrated, the patient and the provider are unable to both give and receive complete care. Better patient engagement leads to accelerated recovery, reduced hospitalizations, and lower cost of care.

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