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Simple & Free Telehealth

We understand your profession. Ailing patients should receive the care when and where they need it most. CAiA is a FREE secure Telehealth platform connecting the volnerable to care all over the world. 

For Patients 

For Providers

For Clinics

You have an image of your organization that you need to maintain, we help you do that. We allow you to customize your CAIA.Life account to match your organization.

Make patients feel comfortable and secure by creating a dedicated landing page and custom branding, patients will feel like they’re using your very own telemedicine solution.

We provide you analytics for your organization. Now you can track usage, monitor trends, and quickly identify opportunities for improvement.


You’ll have a personalized subdomain which will always be used in your URL. (e.g.


It’s easy for two colleagues who are within the same clinic or outside of it, to connect and have a video call with each other.


Sometimes clinicians get busy and need a colleague to cover, clinic account supports authorized room access.


With accessibility in mind, we have made 3C extremely simple and easy to use for both clinicians and patients.


As a paying client, you have priority access to an exceptional support team to help solve any issue.


You have control over your clinic account to add/remove users, set waiting room content, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, as a patient you actually don’t need to create an account with us to see your provider. You can simply go to your providers url ( You will check in and your provider will start the call when they are ready.

All data is encrypted, patient sessions are anonymous (we don’t know who you are) and no patient info is stored persistently. We use the AES cipher with 128-bit keys to encrypt audio/video, and HMAC-SHA1 to verify data integrity.

3C is free for your provider to use. The cost of the appointment would be decided between you and your provider.

The following steps should be done by you and your provider:
1. Use headphones
2. Reduce the volume of speakers
3. Move the microphone away from the speakers

1. Restart your computer: restart your computer before your first call.
2. Wifi: be close to your wifi router, make sure no other parties on the network are using up the bandwidth, and you don’t have a lot of browser windows open.
3. CPU/GPU usage: ensure no high intensity programs are running on the computer.

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"Water is the driving force of all nature."

- Leonardo da Vinci

The newly standardized health data exchange specification has the potential to open the doors on the healthcare industry and encourage patients to strut right in. However unless we are analyzing the health data, it just remains in the EHR untouched and massively underutilized. The decades of fragmented systems, fragmented providers, and fragmented care are over. This is the future. This is 3C.